Worship with us! SUNDAY 8:30AM, WEDNESDAY 7:00PM


Services are at 8:30 am on Sundays and 7:00 pm on Wednesdays. The Sunday service will have the same message as the Wednesday service before.

Why Worship?

Worship is central to our faith community, and to a life of faith. We gather each week to connect with each other, to set aside time and space to encounter God, to sing songs of praise and hope, to confess and be forgiven, to meet Christ and experience grace as we receive communion, to pray, to give, to hear God's word, and be sent out again to love and serve the world.  

What to Expect

 Bethel is a warm and welcoming congregation. You'll receive a bulletin with notes and instructions for the service when you walk in. We like to be creative and open in our worship services, and we like to follow a pattern in our services that embraces our Lutheran tradition, story, and liturgy. Bethel is casual, and we welcome you to come as you are. Everyone is welcome to receive communion here. Most of our students receive their first commuion at 5th grade, so those who haven't had communion yet are also welcome to come forward for a blessing during that time.