Being born is a surprise to each of us.  The first breath we take, the first light we see, the startling sounds of the world around us:  they all come as a surprise.  We don't choose any of it.  But we have been chosen.  

As Lutherans living in the US, we are free to practice our faith, to see God as a loving and forgiving God, to show respect to other faiths and belief systems.  We are free to to treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves.  We have been chosen by God to take care of the earth, and to enjoy the many gifts we have been given.

We are also free to feel pain, and sorrow, and have bad days and hopeless make mistakes and suffer in all kinds of ways.  Through it all, God promises to love us 100%.  No matter what.  

This July, when we celebrate our freedoms, we invite you to celebrate your human potential for goodness. Believe in someone unconditionally.  Withhold judgment of another person.  Forgive someone, maybe even yourself.  Strive to be good, and fail.  Or strive to be better and succeed.

Because you can.  Because you have been chosen by God, who loves you.

We are a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Greater Milwaukee Synod

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Tell a veteran "Welcome Home"


    Veterans tell us they never tire of hearing "thank you" for their time spent in the military.  It's  a meaningful way to acknowledge their sacrifice and time spent in the service.

Note that soldiers who returned from Viet Nam were often met with disdain in the political climate of antiwar demonstrations back in the 60's.  "Welcome Home" is a great way to let vets know you care and often wins smiles of gratitude.

Help the Hungry


 On the 2nd Tuesday of each month, Bethel families and friends prepare and serve food (stews, jellos and cakes) to people at the St. Vincent DePaul Meal Program.  This is how community "feels" - and you'll feel great being part of it.  Bethel is also a proud supporter of  the Muskego Food Pantry

Thank you for visiting Bethel!


The tiniest visitor at Bethel's June Rummage and Bake Sale was Little Squirt, brought in by Lisa Alberti of Acres of Hope and Aspirations.*  This little duckling was rejected by its mum and had to be kept warm and travel everywhere with Lisa. 

Thanks to all those who visited, shopped, donated, and volunteered at the Bethel rummage in June.  Thanks too, to the great bakers who delighted us each morning with fresh baked goods.  We  appreciate all of you!

*Acres of Hope is a non-profit charitable organization that supports Veterans with brain trauma.

Meet Our Bridge Pastor


Stop in to meet  Pastor Jennifer Olson at weekly worship on Wednesday evening at 7PM or Sunday mornings at 8:30AM.  Pastor Jennifer is leading us while we search for a new permanent pastor.  She brings with her fresh new insights and energetic messages that are bible-based and relevant to everyday life  

Worship With Us


You are always welcome at Bethel.  We're a small, neighborhood church that offers Wednesday nite worship at 7:00PM and Sunday worship at 8:30 AM.  All are welcome to receive Communion; small children receive a blessing. Sometimes you just need to feel connected to God and know that you're loved.  You can find that here.

Bethelfest August 25th, 2019


Save the Date:  August 25, 2019

Where:  Bethel's front lawn, right on Janesville Rd.

For:  The Muskegofest Parade

When:  8:30 Worship; Parade starts at 11AM

What:  Set up your lawn chairs and have lunch with us.  Serving brats, hotdogs, and misc

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